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Festival planning

I know we’re only mid-March, and spring break hasn’t even arrived yet (2 more weeks!), but there are some major plans coming up for this summer already…

It all started 4 years ago, when I was sitting at one of my best friend’s places with him and another good friend who was visiting from Saskatoon. I can’t remember the exact conversation, but it was about how Manitoba needs a good, well run electronic music festival, that involved camping, late night music and amazing vibes. Sure, we have MEME here, but that’s run in downtown Winnipeg, and there’s no camping involved. I remember both Adam and Garret telling me that I was involved in this festival, if it ever started, and I couldn’t say no. That I would be the volunteer coordinator. I said ok, that I would be happy to help them, since I totally understand and agree with their vision. Manitoba definitely needs something like what we have planned.

Fast forward to when both Adam and Garret found the perfect venue, after seeing multiple, and failing. The first step was done, it looks like the festival was going to happen! We debated back and forth on a name, asking friends their opinions, finally settling on Emotion Arts and Music Festival. Step two, done! We made the announcement with pre-flyers at Connect last summer and started to gain some hype. Put up the Facebook page, the web site and everything else needed… (go like our page on Facebook, if you haven’t yet!)

I’ve been steadily working on volunteer applications and stuff, a little bit every night, but the work load never seems to end. lol. I’m not complaining, it’s been one hell of a ride so far. Everyone seems super excited to volunteer and have had lots of people apply already, which is amazing considering we’re still 4 1/2 months away.

Made the venue announcement… I can’t wait to party on a beach, under the stars and listen to some amazing music! Such a gorgeous place ❤


We’ve been steadily gaining momentum since November, it’s been pretty insane considering we haven’t even had the even yet! But when we made the lineup announcement a couple of weekends ago, it’s blown up. We have DJ’s coming in from the UK, Mexico, California, Minnesota, Toronto, Thunder Bay, all over Saskatchewan, Alberta, and of course Manitoba. It’s nuts! We are all super excited because it’ll be something that’s never been done before here, we have lots of stuff planned and in store for everyone.

Look at that lineup! We have a bit of everything, for everyone. 😉



Connect Terminus

Connect has come and gone, but this time for the final time. The festival that has become my “home away from home” for the past 15 out of 17 years has called it quits after 22 years. I know all good things eventually do come to an end, but I know lots of us Connect veterans are sad of it’s termination.

There have been so many memories made, people that I’ve met and some I can call part of my chosen family, countless number of laughs and awesome times over the years. And not to mention, listening to all the amazing acts that the Connect Tribe has brought in year after year. The people who have gone every year are like minded, non judgmental people. We all are there for a good time, to forget about the real world for a few days and I know for me, I come back home a bit more grounded after the weekend.

This year was no different. I’ve had better years there, but it was still lots of fun. It all started Friday on literally no sleep and leaving the city at the ungodly hour of 4:30am to arrive at Besant at around noon. We set up our camp with our group and the chaos began. I have no voice to prove it from yell-talking all weekend. I hid from the rain for most of the night on Friday, thankfully was able to somewhat catch up on the lack of sleep.

Some of the highlights of the weekend:

  • Fancy Friday — our group danced around in the most fanciest (aka ugly) shirts that we could find, it was entertaining.
  • Beer pong tournament on Saturday. Minus the fact that it was raining, we were still able to play down by the main stage under one of the canopies.
  • Best of three against Adam and Erin in the beer pong tournament; Erin and I kept on going after the rebounds, getting super competitive. She even full on body checked me at one point, knocking me to the ground. Couldn’t stop laughing about it.
  • Getting to see old friends whom I hadn’t seen in years, meeting their kids and having their youngest daughter ask me if I was “okay” as I was about to go shower. She made my Sunday morning.
  • Getting to hang out with lots of great people that I usually only get to see at Connect.
  • Some of the best sets of the weekend for me: US Marshall’s sunrise set on Saturday morning (which I was always asleep for in previous years), Deko-ze, Freestylers, JFB, MonkeyTwerk, Kytami, J.A.DJ, Chaos Theory.

Thank you Connect tribe for everything you’ve ever done for us. It’ll never be forgotten and always be appreciated. You’ve helped shaped me into the person I am today ❤ It’s bittersweet that it’s over.


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